February 2nd 2016: New song on Blast 'Till Death

Oooh yeah! Another new song for the new Blast 'Til Death compilation! The goal of this comp is to promote underground extreme metal, abrasive punk, and anti-music.

January 14th 2016: Satanic Surgery pre-orders!

Finally! The pre-orders from our upcoming album "Satanic Surgery" are online now! We have a CD, LP, a Die-Hard Edition and a new T-Shirt design online for pre-order! The release date is february 19th 2016, so please inform your neighbours first! Here is the deal:

Collision - Satanic Surgery CD € 9,90
Collision - Satanic Surgery LP (Neon Orange Vinyl) € 12,90
Collision - Satanic Surgery LP (Neon Orange/Black Haze Vinyl) € 13,90
Collision - Satanic Surgery Die-Hard Edition (CD, LP, T-Shirt, Bag & Poster) € 29,90
Collision - Satanic Surgery & A Healthy Dose Of Death LP Bundle € 17,50
Collision - Diabolic Death Wish T-Shirt € 9,90

If you need more albums from Hammerheart Records and/or Relapse Records then you can also check out the webstore from Hammerheart Records at!

To give you a little preview, here are 2 brand new songs from the album!

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