July 29th 2014: Collision news update!

Finally! We got our copies from the Collision/The Rotted Split 7" EP in tha house! You can order these beauties at our webstore here! Like always, we will include some extra's with the package to make something up for the long wait!

Some more news! Collision is featured on the Violence Vol. 2 mix tape! Together with a lot of awesome hardcore/punk/grindcore/etc driven bands! Spread the word, download and share this mix tape with all your friends here:!

March 28th 2014: Collision features in a new movie from Soffocazzo

Some more great news! Collision will be featured in a new road movie from Soffocazzo! These cool German dudes make awesome horror/action movies with lots of action, zombies and extreme metal!This is going to rip your head off for sure!

Other bands in this project are Malignant Tumour, Boiler, Katatonie, Keitzer, Inhumate, Eastwood, Malignancy and a lot more! Check out their website here: and click bands for Radio Soffocazzo!

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